Spot of red

Red munia or strawberry finch, as the name suggests, is a striking red sparrow sized bird found in tropical Asia. The males and females are generally a dull brown colour with multiple white spots. The male develops this red breeding plumage and white streaks under the eyes during the monsoon months in the South of India. The pairs build their nests together using blades of grass, feathers, pieces of charcoal etc. In this piece, the male is seen carrying a ruffled feather from the surrounding to build its nest.



The Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE) completed 20 years of its existence. To highlight their research done for the last two decades, a book was compiled with a lot of illustrations and images. I worked on the design and layout of the book and coordinated with all the illustrators. Here’s what resulted from a four months long assignment.