Love & experience in lines

The toughest subjects for me have been human faces. After so many animals and birds in stippling, I have developed a comfort level with wildlife portraits but human portraits intimidate me to an extent that my hands freeze before moving onto the next line. There are certain images though that I find compelling enough to pick up the pencil/pen and draw. The following is one of them which I bumped into while scrolling down my Facebook wall one of the days. A friend of mine had put up this pic from his trip to Manali and that loving look on the face just made me pick up the pencil to draw the face. The series of rings in her ear and the gentle smile with the wrinkles of experience was irresistible.


There are many such reference portrait photos that I have collected over the last decade that I would like to draw but haven’t yet gotten to it. Sometime I will get over the fear of human faces and get to it.

Wishing a year full of art

There comes another new year resolution!

This is not the first time that I am taking a resolution with a whole-hearted intention of sticking to it. Though as always, I am sceptical. How long can I fight the temptations of giving up and slouching back into the lazy corner? We shall see…

A decade ago I started drawing, not because I have always wanted to, but thanks to the art supply store that I used to go by everyday on my way to the university. As a stationery hoarder, this store was nothing short of heaven. I didn’t know much about the kind of paper that works for specific medium. I picked up few pieces of charcoal, a whole set of staedler pencils and a sketchbook. That is how I decided that I had to start drawing so I could keep going back to the store.

Nostalgia from the bygone years

At this time of the year, one’s heart straddles the world of past and future. Nostalgia tugs at your heart yet the beginning of a year fills you up with hope of better days. That’s where resolution wants to take the limelight. I started this blog so that I show up and write/sketch every week without being slack about the resolution.

Looking ahead

This year shall see more of art irrespective of the medium- pencils, charcoal, colour pencils, watercolour or my present favourite pens. Pencil and charcoal had been my go to tools until recently and I hope to do more of it this year.